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Anonymous Employee Feedback, employee surveys and online tools to learn and listen from your employees

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Are you offering an open channel to communicate with your employees? Do your employees have the confidence to submit anonymous comments? If not, talk to us, we can help!


How often do you do the typical 'employee review'? If you answered once or twice a year, then this is too long to listen and fix critical issues that matter the most to your employees


We provide you with easy-to-use tools to collect and analyze employee feedbacks and suggestions.

 $24.99/month, no commitment!
 Up to 5 Custom URLs for your company (example:,, etc)
 Free trial for 30 days. No credit card required! No commitment!
 No signup, installation, initiation or any type of fees. Just pay the regular monthly fee
 Unlimited Employee Feedbacks
 Instant E-mail Alerts
 Real-time Analytics & Aggregate Reports
 Free for Nonprofits and Churches
 Reduced price for Schools and Hospitals
 Excellent customer support


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  • 1. Employee Sends Feedback

    Tell us what's on your mind. We'll anonymously send your message to your employer. See it in action!

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  • 2. Employer Receives Feedback

    Your employer can see your message but not your identity, and is encouraged to respond.

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  • 3. Your Feedback is heard

    Every company realizes the importance of its workforce and therefore every feedback is taken seriously and solutions are given.


We are a start-up based in San Diego, California, helping companies of all sizes retain their most valuable asset. We would love to hear from you. Use this form to contact us:

Employer and employee develop a relationship based on how they can add value to each other. Start listening to your employees and react quickly to their concerns. Remember, your employees are the most valuable asset in your company.